We offer legal aid and representation services to our clients in all administrative proceedings and trials.

The law firm has a particularly rich experience in representing clients during the inspection process of the Tax Administration and Indirect Taxation Administration of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In certain proceedings where the Indirect Taxation Administration of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Tax Administration have determined the tax liability worth millions, the law firm “Nedžad E. Beća” has managed to successfully annul these decisions (in administrative procedures and administrative disputes).

Apart from the above-mentioned proceedings, the law firm “Nedžad E. Beća” hires attorneys registered at the competent Institute for Intellectual Property for the trademark protection (The list of representatives registered at the Institute for Intellectual Property).

The law firm also provides the following legal services:

• Representing clients for the purpose of obtaining:

o Work permits for foreigners,

o Permission for temporary or permanent residence to foreigners in Bosnia and Herzegovina regardless of the legal basis (work, education, family reunification, etc.);

• Representing clients in the proceedings for obtaining planning permission, building permit, and exploitation permit, as well as all previous approvals in accordance with the city planning and technical requirements;

• Full name change;

• Release/renounce from the citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina, legal aid when acquiring the citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina;

• Entry into registries;