We offer our clients legal counseling and representation services before competent courts in all types of proceedings and litigations regarding property law, law of obligations, family and inheritance law.

When it comes to property law, the law firm offers a wide range of services, such as representing clients in all court and out-of-court property proceedings, including:

• Acquiring and protecting ownership rights (through adverse possession, construction, etc.);

• Acquiring and protecting the right of easement over properties (actual and personal);

• Regulating property-legal relations and regulating and updating the information at the land registry and cadaster office;

While offering the services in the field of law of obligations, we represent the clients in the following proceedings:

• Compensation of material and non-material damage (emotional distress due to violations of honor code and reputation, slander, fear, and physical distress; etc.);

• Executing, suspending, terminating a contract, etc.;

• Challenge of bankruptcy debtor transactions;

• Proceedings of creditors with separate satisfaction right and creditors with an exclusion right;

We offer legal protection in the field of family law by advising and representing clients in the following proceedings:

– Divorce and giving custody over children to one of the parents, as well as the proceedings for paying alimony;

– Division of property acquired during the marriage or cohabitation;

– Deprivation of parental rights;

– Establishing filiation, as well as proceedings of acknowledgement of filiation;

Regarding inheritance proceedings, we represent clients:

– In probate proceedings and proceedings of inheritance by testament;

– In the proceedings regarding forced share and its protection;

– For the purpose of drafting a testament, annulling a testament, etc.