We represent our clients during the negotiation process, concluding all forms of contract law agreements, as well as in case of disputes before competent courts. We have years of experience in protecting property rights of our clients, with a particular focus on property-legal cases.

We have achieved outstanding success in the proceedings for collecting compensation for material and non-material damage by knowingly evaluating documentation and determining the adequacy and claim amount, resulting in court decisions in favor of our clients.

We offer legal advice and representation before competent courts in divorce proceedings, division of property acquired during the marriage or cohabitation; legal advice and representation in proceedings regarding alimony, verifying whether there are children that need to be cared for; representation in proceedings regarding the deprivation of parental rights, establishing filiation, as well as proceedings of acknowledgment of filiation.

We offer legal counseling and representation services in inheritance lawsuits, including proceedings regarding forced share and its protection, as well as the annulment of testaments.

We also offer testament writing services before witnesses as well as registering the prepared testament in the competent registry.